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The Old Post Office Country Store, Upper Moutere. The building has long been at the center of the Upper Moutere community.

It has been for the last 20 years the home of Moutere Gold preserves, and this is the only place you are able to purchase these delicious hand made preserves. The food store in the building isĀ  jam packed with preserves, local artisan foods, fresh fruit and veges, small goods, fresh bread and free range eggs, milk in bottles and of course the coffee machine is on each day from 9-3 making the best espresso coffee in the Moutere. We have a small outside courtyard off the front footpath where you can take a moment to drink your coffee and enjoy eating some of the inhouse baking.

The Old Post Office also houses a gallery space, supporting local artists focused on textile craft. Local wools and natural fabrics are on offer.

Stacey Whale Jewellery is tucked in to a sunny corner of the Old Post Office, Stacey is an award winning artisan jeweller who makes highly crafted and feminine pieces of jewellery that you will cherish for a lifetime.

We like to think we cater for locals and tourists alike with something for everyone, we would love to see you.

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